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How to use the brush to style?

Step1:Wipe-Dry your hair with a towel before apply the heat protectantofyour choice. Step2:Dry and Volumize HairA. Separate Hair into Manageablesections, Clipping AdditionalPieces of Hair up and Out of the Way.B.Take a Section of Hair and Place Your Brush Dryer Underneath,Near the Roots. Low or High Hot Mode To Dry And Volumize(Choose the Hot Mode by Your Hair ). Hold for 5-10 SecondsC.Working in a Downward Motion, Slowlyrotate Hair Around theBarrel as You Work From Root to Tip. Step3 :Tilizing the Cool Setting to Set and Smooth Your Look. Prush The Cool Mode 3-5 seconds. Continue to Dry and Style Each Section as Needed